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topic five – caring for our world

general approach

We each make choices about how we lead our lives. These can be made solely with ourselves in mind or we can choose to think for and respect the people with whom we live and associate.

The choices we make as individuals are multiplied and create the kind of society in which we live. The results therefore can also decide how the earth's resources are shared. Are they used for our need or our greed? Many people believe that there is enough in the world for everyone to have a decent standard of living, but partly because of the selfishness of the affluent nations, millions in the rest of the world live on a starvation diet. Does our respect for others lead us to do something about this, even if only in a small way?

The activities offered concentrate on three aspects of this theme.

activity one

Let the class individually find the correct route through the maze on worksheet 8 page 27 Maze and carry out the other instructions there. You will notice that only the route which has consistent positive behaviour is the one which takes the traveller successfully from START to FINISH. This exercise could be brought down to reality by creating a Class Charter, stating what they will and will not do in the future to show respect for people and the world around them.

activity two

Creation of posters and/or a board game based on

"There is enough in the world for everyone's need but not for their greed; if everyone cared enough and everyone shared enough, everyone would have enough."

In order to do either activity the class will need to examine this statement and see what it means in practical terms for them and their friends.

On resource sheet 7 page 30 From the scriptures you will find some quotations from religious writings which could help with the above activities. There is an opportunity here for further research into beliefs concerning the right relationship between human beings and their creator. Such a relationship can lead to greater respect and care for the world.


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