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Fill in the ages you think these people are. They are all 60 or over.

M aged ....... trained as a nurse. She goes once a month to the local library services department and collects around 100 books which she takes to a retirement home. She also takes responsibility for a snack bar in the local hospital collecting all the supplies which may include 60 loaves of bread, and of course, butter, fillings for sandwiches, orange juice and other supplies. She serves one morning a week in the snack bar which caters for visitors and patients.

A young person's comment having spent a weekend in the home of W aged .....:"She is the least judgemental person I have ever met. She is such a good listener. She is so honest about herself. She is unshockable. She's fun. She makes you feel loved. You forget her age, except she doesn't rush around any more. So many of us don't learn from our mistakes; she is still learning that and other things."

K aged ........ is a member of a bowling club and still bowls regularly on an indoor rink. When her club has matches with visiting clubs or coffee mornings, she is usually there to offer a helping hand.

N aged ........ has secretarial skills. After reading an advertisement asking for people willing to help putting books into Braille for the blind, she wrote offering her services. It meant learning how to read and write Braille. Now she has just started on her first book for the organisation. When it is finished it will be placed in the library of the Royal National Institute for the Blind.

C aged ....... is an artist and has also carved in wood and stone. He spent four years carving in stone high up on a local church. He is well-known at the primary school near his home where he enjoys showing groups of children how to perfect their portrait drawings.

E aged .......... is a musician and still enjoys playing for others. He now works for the Samaritans, directing a 24-hour service for the public. Aided by four deputies he organises over 100 volunteers. His work includes giving talks and meeting people from other organisations. He travels to meetings in his own region which has nine centres.

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