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The aim of these two activities is to find out what is being done and what still needs to be done to give disabled people the freedom to move freely within the community and feel welcome everywhere.

1 Write a paragraph expressing why you think it is important for people with disabilities to
be able to get around easily.

2 Choose whether to do activity two or three.

activity two - school

There are three tasks in this activity:

a To find out the places in your school where somebody who has a disability would find problems or dangers and also to note where access has already been improved.

b To look at your classroom from the point of view of a disabled person. Would there have to be any changes in your room or the way that things are done? If so, what?

c If you became disabled, would you be able to continue going to this school? Give your reasons.

You will need to decide:

• how your group is organised to complete the task
• what particular disabilities you are dealing with
• how to record your findings
• what improvements you suggest
• to whom you will take these suggestions and the paragraph you wrote in question 1

If there are any disabled people in your school ask them for their ideas on this and compare your findings with what they say.

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