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activity four

Life is a Game - play it

Life is Beauty - praise it

Life is a Goal - achieve it

Life is a Puzzle - solve it

Life is a Tragedy - face it

Life is a Duty - perform it

Life is a Struggle - fight it

Life is a Promise - fulfil it

Life is a Challenge - meet it

Life is a Mystery - unfold it

Life is an Adventure - dare it

Life is a Journey - complete it

Life is a Sorrow - overcome it

Life is an Opportunity - take it

Life is a Gift - accept it

From Global Express


For the teacher - activity two

Imagination exercise

You are being held as a hostage in a foreign country You have been kept alone in the same dark room for a long time. How old are you? .... What were you doing when you were captured? .... Do you have a family? .... Do they know where you are? .... What kind of room are you in? .... How large is it? .... Is there a bed - any furniture? .... What are you wearing? .... Are you hot or cold? .... Are you angry? .... Are you afraid? ....

You are hungry .... What food do you dream about having? ....

You hear the door open. You put on the blindfold your captors insist you wear when they come in. They are bringing you food. What are you expecting? .... They go out. You take off the blindfold. What you see is something totally unexpected. What is it?.... How do you feel?


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