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topic one – value of life

general approach

In the previous modules of Respect Yourself and Respect Others it has been suggested that the general aim should be to encourage and establish a community of respect in the classroom (see R3 M1 topic one). This continues to be the underlying aim of this module.

This topic enables the pupils to investigate what is essential for life and what gives it meaning and value.

Either of the first two activities can be used to start this process. There follows a choice of two further activities on worksheet 2 page 4 In the womb and resource sheet 1 page 5 Life is....

activity one

Divide the class into small groups or pairs. Each will need three sheets of paper headed:
1. human beings
2. animals
3. plants

Suggest they write words on each sheet that describe:

a) how they know when there is life
b) what keeps life going
c) what can improve the quality of life.

When this is done the lists could be compared to see what differences there are and why.


activity two

Let the class rest their heads on their desks and use their imagination as you talk them through the passage on resource sheet 1 page 5 Imagination exercise. Give adequate pauses indicated by the dots for them to use their imaginations fully. When you have read it, gently talk them back into real life so that they can consider:

• what was taken away from them as hostages
• what they needed in order to keep alive.


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