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topic four – respect for property

teacher's notes - general approach

In many communities young people seem to have little respect for other people's property. Vandalism quickly discourages all efforts to improve the environment.

In this topic we will try to see how better attitudes could be created. The first step helps the pupils to understand how it feels to be a victim. There may be some in the class who have been victims, either through having their belongings stolen or broken or through their homes having been burgled. They could be encouraged to share their feelings and reactions.

The second step is to consider that respecting people's property is a way of showing respect to the people themselves, for many people feel that the things they own are part of themselves.

To give a choice of approach for you and the class to follow there are alternative activities for this topic.

Some means of monitoring whether the class is adopting new attitudes should also be created. Suggestions for this are made in activity three.


Start the lesson by taking something (the more valuable the better!) from three or four of the noisiest or strongest members of the class. Do not say anything to them. Put these objects where you keep your own belongings. Do this with no comment and then carry on with the lesson as if nothing had happened.

How exactly you do this will depend on you and the class, but the idea is to take these pupils by surprise and get them thinking. You may find a better way.

If you are not following this with activity one you will need to find another opportunity to discover how some people felt about having the things taken from them.


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