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topic three – bullying

teacher's notes - general approach

Bullying, one of the most destructive consequences of a lack of respect for others, often goes unchecked because of the victims' fear. The most effective way of dealing with this problem is to work out an agreed school policy with pupils, teachers and parents. Clearly defined procedures need to be known by all and consistently followed.

There is a great deal of material now available on this subject so the activities included in this topic concentrate on how bullying shows up the need for respect between people and what happens when this breaks down.

Two activities, based on the same resource, are suggested as a choice of starters for this project. They are based on the same resource.

There are also suggestions on some steps to monitor and prevent bullying that can be taken after the chosen activity.

activity one - drama

Read to the class the episode from A Kestrel for a Knave on resource sheet 2 page 18 and then divide them into groups to act out improvisations of the scene themselves. There are questions on worksheet 6 page 16 Who has the power? which could help in thinking out the main issues raised and discussed in their acting groups.

Out of this, other improvisations may be possible, dramatising the sort of bullying they have experienced and exploring strategies the victims can use to take the power away from the bullies.

The best of these scenes could be performed at a school assembly.

activity two

Divide the class into small groups giving each the resource sheet 2 page 18 He's had enough, sir and worksheet 6 page 16 Who has the power? so that they can read the episode together and then consider the answers to the questions raised.


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