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topic two – close relationships

teacher's notes - general approach

In all relationships we need to have our own space which may be a physical area or a feeling inside ourselves. This is especially true of teenagers, who are trying to find their own identity. However, at the same time they are keen to be part of the crowd, to be wanted and to be loved. Thus some relationships become too close and too intense, and often sexual. Many young people have problems over this, so this topic looks at these one-to-one relationships.

The activities below aim to help the pupils to think out the part that respect for the other person plays as a relationship deepens. These activities give you and the class a choice of approach to the question of building close and healthy one-to-one relationships of mutual respect.

activity one

To initiate the thinking about the need we each have for our own space, you could use these or similar questions.

1. Where/how do you find your own space?
2. Is it always a particular place?
3. Is there anything you like to do which gives you space?
4. Do you feel that you have to do everything with your best friend?
5. How do you think you can respect the space of your best friend?

There are further questions on worksheet 3 on page 10 This space reserved. These could be discussed in small groups with each person writing their own answers on the worksheet. The interview on worksheet 5 page 12 Still driving together after sixty years may help in answering question five. Later some of the ideas could be pooled and discussed with the whole class.


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