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strategy one -

• View the dramatised scenes in Part two of the video The Three Rs of Family Life*. These take 2½ minutes to play all the way through.

• Discuss the questions on the worksheet page 4, either in pairs or as a class.

• Re-view the video before completing the answers in writing.

strategy two - Using the scripts on the resource sheet.

• Divide into pairs and read each scene in parts.

• Keeping in character, answer questions 1 to 3 on the worksheet page 4.

• Using the answers for question 4, together write a continuation of script C showing ways each person will need to change to make their relationship better.

• Act this scene to the class. Think out with them which other groups in the school would be helped by seeing it in order to understand why respect is needed in relationships.

strategy three -

• Two people read/act script A to the class. They stay in character while the others in the class discuss with them the answer to question 1 on the worksheet.

• Another pair then reads/acts script B - "The Banging Door" series. They stay in character while the class discusses with them the answers to questions 2 and 3.

• The whole class works in pairs on question 4 and then as many pairs as time allows act out in turns an improvised conversation continuing from the end of script C using the elements underlined to bring about changes in the relationship.

• After the scenes have been performed, identify the elements which have been brought into the relationship because greater mutual respect is being shown.

(* The Three 'R's of Family Life produced by Family and Youth Concern )

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