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topic one – others’ rights

teacher's notes - general approach

If this is the first time the class has looked at the concept of respect we suggest the best introduction would be topic one of Respect Yourself or some similar work. This will help to establish a community of respect in the classroom.

The suggested strategies under this topic concentrate on the aspects of respect that come into play in the building of personal (one-to-one) relationships. In each case there is the challenge to think for the other person rather than oneself. Respecting others has much to do with other people's right to be themselves, to have their own opinions and to be listened to.

The scenes on resource sheet 1 pages 5, 6 & 7 are examples of material which could be helpful in doing this. Worksheet 2 on page 4 Listen for a change gives questions which can be used either orally or for written answers and creative writing.

Having read this resource material, you may prefer to find different scenes on which to base the work. Whichever strategy you and the class decide to follow, it is expected that the following needs will come to light:

• communication: understanding: give and take: humour: the showing of love/care: patience.

Also to emerge could be the potentially destructive forces in relationships such as:

• impatience: selfishness: intolerance: anger: demand.

On worksheet 1 page 3 there are suggestions for three strategies that could be followed. If the whole class are given copies, they can have a part in deciding which they would find most helpful and interesting to follow. The strategies are all based on the scenes on resource sheet 1 pages 5 to 7 which are taken from the video The Three Rs of Family Life*. Similar strategies could also be followed if you have chosen to base the work on different scripts. If, however, the class is familiar with drama improvisation you could suggest the activity overleaf.

(* The Three 'R's of Family Life produced by Family and Youth Concern )


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