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Jim was the eldest of eight. He was brought up in a close family but there were rows too. One day he left home and went to another city to join a pop group. He also became part of the drug scene.

One day his father turned up where he lived unexpectedly. He had come to say that he was sorry if his stubborn attitudes had driven Jim away from home because he did love him. Jim was amazed and wanted to know more. They talked and talked.

After his father had left, Jim wrote to his parents and this is part of the letter:

I only discovered today what the true meaning of life is. Sure, in the past I knew that absolute truth and honesty was the true meaning of living, but I'd never done anything about it - never done anything about all the untruths and greed I'd collected inside me.

That's why I couldn't understand your wanting to apologise to me for past injustices - no one can understand until they are free themselves. And today I was freed - I prayed and suddenly I knew what had to be done. I'd known it all along, but I couldn't accept it.

I find myself wanting to tell you all how badly I've treated you - how I stole money from Dad when you were a newsagent and later when I worked with you in the business - I'm truly sorry. And Mum, how I stole money from your purse, even in the bad times when there were only a few coins in it. Again I am truly sorry....

I know now that the only way to repay all these things is to admit them and then to do everything in my power to lead an honest and selfless life.

I will be home soon on your birthday, Mum, so see you then.



(From Listen to the Children
by Annejet Campbell

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