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Answer the following questions and then find the words in the letter grid. The number in brackets after each clue is the number of letters in the word. The words have been written across, up, down and diagonally.

1 The fingers and tongue of a smoker turn this colour (6)
2 This is the disease most people link with smoking (6)
3 This is the drug in tobacco (8)
4 This is the black material which collects in the lungs (3)
5 The body of a smoker does not get enough of this gas which it needs to work properly. (6)
6 Smoking makes people ..... . unpleasant (5)
7 Smoking kills your sense of ....... so you don't enjoy your food as much as you did (5)
8 Smoking costs a lot of money - it is .......(9)
9 An ……. baby may be affected if the mother smokes (6)
10 This causes a nasty smell which clings to the hair and clothes (5)
11 This is what people smoke (7)
12 The air passages produce this to protect themselves. (5)


Having considered the answers to this puzzle, write down your opinion of smoking.


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