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Decide with the rest of the class which of the following activities will help you to understand why people turn to substance abuse and to identify possible alternatives.

activity one
If your teacher is going to invite a visitor who has faced some of the challenges of addiction to speak to you, you will need to prepare questions to ask him/her before their visit.

activity two
Discuss in pairs or small groups the topic on the worksheet Discussion topics and write down your conclusions. There is a resource sheet which may help your discussion.

activity three
Read the stories on the resource sheet. Work out and perform a role play, interviewing them about their lives. Include in this any experiences you have had yourselves in this area.

activity four
Draw a comic strip showing how someone gets involved in substance abuse and the result of doing so. Then illustrate the best way out of such dependency and the things which make people want to find a cure.

activity five
Do the Smoking Quiz. Answer the question below it and complete the worksheet Belonging.

When you have finished the activities you have chosen, complete the box below.

I have learnt through these activities that greater self-respect comes through:


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