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We can increase our self-respect by
• doing those things which, deep in our hearts, we know to be right
• avoiding those things which make us feel uncomfortable inside
• putting right the wrongs we have done.

Try answering these questions by putting A, B, C or D at the end of each one.

A = never B = rarely C = sometimes D = often

1 Have you taken things from shops without paying?

2 Have you physically hurt someone?

3 Have you betrayed a friend's secret?

4 Have you broken a promise?

5 Have you talked unkindly about people behind their backs?

6 Have you copied your homework from someone else?

7 Have you come home at night later than you said you would?

8 Have you lied to get out of trouble?

9 Have you broken the school rules?

10 Have you borrowed things from people without their permission?

Count up your answers A........B........C........D.......

How you behave is your choice.

What can you do or stop doing to increase your own self-respect, and to become a person others can trust and respect? You may well think of things that are not covered by the questions above.

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