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activity five

Write a play or story, or hold a debate, to explore the importance of the personality behind a person's looks You may be able to find true stories about wonderful people who have had to face the prejudice of others; for example, people who have been in serious accidents or have been badly burnt.

organising the debate

Find two volunteers who will each make a speech saying why they agree with the proposition that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and find two others who will make a speech saying why they disagree. All speakers should give reasons for their beliefs.

While they are preparing their speeches, the others can discuss the proposition in groups.

Appoint a chairperson. Give each of the four speakers the same amount of time to speak without interruption.

Take a vote to see which side's argument has been more persuasive.

activity six

Form small groups and sit in circles. Each group-member needs a sheet of paper on the top of which he/she should write his/her name. When this has been done, pass the sheet to the person on your left. When a sheet of paper comes to you, write, at the bottom of the sheet, something you value or respect about the person whose name is on the paper. Then fold the sheet, so that the next person cannot see what you have written, and pass it on. When your paper gets back to you, you will have been given some reasons for self-respect and self-confidence and you will have helped others by doing the same for them.

activity seven

A quiz on your own actions and what you can do to increase your own self-respect.


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