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activity one

One person goes somewhere out of sight of the rest of the class. Everyone else describes her/him on paper. The person is called back and the other pupils' descriptions are compared with the real person.

activity two

Divide into groups and work together to write a description of the facial features of one person in your group as if she/he were a missing person.

When this is completed, each group in turn should read out their description while another group draws a picture of the person being described on the board or on a sheet of paper. Can the rest of the class identify who the missing person is?

activity three

Voices - The class should be divided into two groups.
Group A should stand facing the wall.
Group B should change their positions in the classroom.

An individual member of group B should greet a member of group A by name The group A person who is named should try to identify the person who greeted her/him. This can be done as many times as necessary to see how easy/difficult it is to recognise people by their voices. Some people could try to disguise their voices.

Were the voices recognised whether disguised or not? How? Why?

Discover together what you have to do to disguise your voice. This will give you some ideas what makes each voice unique.

activity four

There is a worksheet which looks at how cartoons are drawn and how they exaggerate people's distinctive features. How much more interesting life is because everyone looks different.


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