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topic one – winners and losers

teacher's notes - general approach

This topic lays the foundation for you and the class to create a community of mutual respect in the classroom, so that this becomes the normal context within which any topic in these three modules is approached. To achieve this, it will be helpful to create some means of monitoring progress. The suggested activities can build towards the setting up of such a system.

As most pupils will instinctively think of respect only as it relates to authority figures, we suggest that the concept might better be approached through the idea of life's winners and losers.

It is important that each person in the class has the chance to be a winner sometimes and that no one is condemned to be a loser all the time. Ways will need to be found to make this possible. Once the pupils' interest is engaged, they will have ideas on how this can best be done. You can help the process by not pre-judging the pupils and by acting respectfully in all your dealings with them.


A selection of newspapers and magazines is needed from which can be cut pictures of people whom the class can identify either as life's "winners" or "losers".

activity one

This activity uses worksheet 2 page 6 TV interview.

Divide the class into groups of up to six people.

Some of these groups should be given the newspapers and magazines so that they can cut out pictures of people, some of whom they consider to be life's "winners" and others life's "losers". It may be best if the group starts by deciding what makes someone a "winner" or a "loser" so that they know what they are looking for. These pictures might form part of the chart to be designed later. Each person in the group should think out and write down the reasons for one of their choices.

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