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topic five – in the community (continued)

teacher's notes - general approach

Many young people feel that they get a bad press these days. The following activities may help them to discover why and what they can do about it.

You will find examples of newspaper cuttings on resource sheet 6 page 25 as an indication of the type we think would be useful to use. You will see that they include positive reports as well as negative ones. It might well be better to find your own or ask the class to look for similar ones from their local or national newspapers.

strategy - task one

Divide the class into small groups so that they can sort out the headlines about young people.

• What impression do they give of young people?

• Do they think they give an accurate picture?
If so, do they like the picture?
If not, what do they think is a true picture?

Bring the class together to discuss what they have decided in their groups.

Also discuss together:
• Do they think that any of their own behaviour could be responsible for the bad press the younger generation get sometimes? How?
• Can they think of anything they could do to create better headlines?

Let the class go back into their groups:
• Write out the sort of headlines about young people they would like to see in the newspapers, preferably from their own experience. Maybe this could be a report of something in which they have been involved or have heard about locally or something they would like to do and have reported.


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