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Sally, who was severely disabled by cerebral palsy, was taken by her friends to a restaurant for a meal. They had a most enjoyable time trying to choose from the menu. The manager of the restaurant was very helpful, making great efforts to understand what Sally said as her speech was not very clear. A couple entered the restaurant and sat at a nearby table.

They ordered their meal, but as they waited the others started eating. Sally, of course, needed help. After a while Sally and her friends noticed that the couple were staring at them.
When the couple saw they had been noticed, they deliberately turned their backs on them. Eventually they got up and left without eating their meal. The manager came over to Sally's
table and apologised, "Sad, isn't it?", he said.


Mrs Smith asked her Indian friends, Mr and Mrs Patel, to a meal at her home. The evening came and to her surprise and shock, they arrived with Mrs Patel's sister-in-law who was staying with them. Mrs Smith made the best of it. She laid an extra place and the food just had to be made to go round. It was rather awkward. She could not understand why such nice people should be so rude and inconsiderate!

Some time later the Smiths had an invitation to the Patels. Mrs Smith realised that they would have guests staying with them at that time, so she rang to ask if they could bring them along. A rather surprised Mrs Patel immediately said that of course they could and that Mrs Smith need not have rung. The earlier occasion having slipped her mind, Mrs Smith replied, "But I'd never dream of bringing a guest without asking first."

Luckily their friendship was such that Mrs Patel could ask when they next met, "Did I make a cultural mistake by bringing my sister-in-law to your place without asking?" and they had a chance to sort out the misunderstanding.


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