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after the experiment

Discuss the following with the whole class.

• How were they treated? How did this make them feel?

• Did they stick together? Why?

• Did any people stay on their own? If so was this better or worse? Why?

• Did anyone seriously ask why they were wearing masks?

If so, what did they answer and did this lead to an interesting conversation? Why?

If not, how would they have felt if someone had been really interested in what they were doing?

• How did it feel looking different?

• Do they think that people saw beyond their masks to what they were really feeling? How do they know this?

Another aspect worth exploring is the way we so often jump to wrong conclusions about people we don't know. They may have experienced this when they were wearing the masks.

There is an example on the resource sheet 4 page 18 but you may have equally good examples from your own to illustrate the same points for the class. If you use the story on page 18 there are some suggestions to set the discussion going.

What have they learnt about being different and how to be friends with those who are different from them?


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