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alternative topic three – in the community (continued)

teacher's notes

Prepare face masks, in light card, with your class or in teamwork with the Craft Design and Technology department

This topic gives an opportunity for the class to examine their attitudes towards people who are different in some way by taking part in an experiment using the masks.

general approach

If we are to live together in communities, we need to develop the skills of understanding and empathy.

We would gain a great deal if we respected and enjoyed differences in culture, looks, race and/or religion and were prepared to learn from each other. However this is often made difficult by the way we prejudge people, very often by their appearance. We can cause needless hurt and misunderstandings through our ignorance. What can we do to gain new insights into this so that we can be more sensitive in the future and build better relationships within our community?


This activity will give everyone the experience of being stared at, laughed at, left out, or just simply having to explain why they look the way they do.


Plan with the class how they will carry out this or another experiment which would have similar results.

Everyone should wear masks during the whole of one break. Before they do this it would be good to plan their strategies with them and to think through why they are doing it.

Will they be scared of what other people think? How will they overcome this?

Will some of them be prepared to try to join in with what others are doing to see what happens?

If someone asks why they are wearing a mask how will they explain what they are trying to discover?

When you feel they are ready, fix a break time nearest to your next lesson with them.


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