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There were two people on a bus who came from the same ethnic group. This could be seen both by their colour and their dress. When the bus conductor went through the bus to collect tickets, he was annoyed to discover that the first person had a ticket for a completely different destination from where the bus was going. With some difficulty and impatience he eventually made the passenger understand that he should get off and go to another bus stand. When the conductor then reached the second passenger he said, "I hope you know where you're going". Very hurt by his assumption and angry at the way the other passenger had been treated, she replied, "What makes you think I don't?"


a) why the bus conductor acted as he did.
b) how each of the passengers might have felt.
c) what the answer is to the woman's question.
d) what the conductor felt when he realised what he had presumed.
e) how this situation could have been resolved or even avoided.

what you would have done if you had been an onlooker on the bus.


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