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All the birds are singing and the sky is blue
And I'm thinking of something great to do,
The world seems bright, it's a fabulous day,
But there's one big obstacle in my way .... it's

That girl/boy
She's/He's the bane of my life,
That girl/boy,
I wish I'd never met her/him,

The sight of her/him just cuts me like a knife,
'Cause everything that I do, she/he does better.

Team games - she's/he's the one they ask for,
Parties - she/he gets invited,
When she/he does well I feel like hell,
If she/he makes a mistake, then I'm delighted!

That girl/boy,
Oh we're friends, of course, but

That girl/boy,
I'm not a jealous person, but,
That girl/boy,
You see the trouble is

That I've just got to be first.

I wonder whether a politician ever feels the way I do?
Or perhaps when you get to cabinet rank,
You naturally give credit where credit is due?

Perhaps you always want your colleagues to be
the best they can be?
I wonder what would happen if that politician were me?

Apologising just cuts me like a knife,
But I know that every family and leader
Needs to learn to put things straight,

In the home or the Cabinet,
Living to make the other one great, so..

That girl/boy!
It's going to be different with that girl/boy.
I'm not exactly perfect but,
We might even enjoy it!
We'll tell you in a month or two.

(Kathleen Dodds)



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