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topic one – in the workplace

teacher's notes - general approach

This term pupils are going to be out of school for a short time to join the world of work.

This topic should help them to
• prepare for moving from school to work
• get as much as they can from their work experience

The pupils are being asked to
a) help each other to identify the qualities in themselves which are related to tasks they may have to undertake on work experience.
b) reflect on one thing about themselves they would like to change.
c) talk through strategies with each other relating to the issues raised by (b) in relation to joining the world of work.

Positive, constructive and supportive attitudes should be developed throughout.


Having introduced the topic, give each pupil a copy of worksheet 1 (page 3) In the work place to complete on their own. These should be put on file until needed in task three.

You will find three tasks which can be used in preparation for going out into the workplace. Task three also has follow-up to the work experience.

task one

Leaving the safe environment of school is quite a daunting experience for many young people. They are 'on their own' for the first time. They are going to be accountable for their work and their attitudes to people who are strangers but who are making demands on their skills, assessing their attitudes and deciding whether or not they have something worthwhile to contribute.

Worksheet 2 (page 4) Stepping out - task one could be completed individually or if preferred in groups of three or four, sharing their individual experiences with each other and then recording the answers to questions 1-4 only. When this is done a class discussion would help to see the relevance of these experiences to the one they are going to embark on. After this question 5 could be done individually.


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