Module 2: FRIENDS

(Page 21) Worksheet 5

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Read through the statements about why many boys join gangs.

1) Which of these statements apply to girls as well as boys? Write down the numbers and explain why.


2) In the Jets' song from West Side Story they sing:

Here come the Jets
Like a bat out of hell,
Someone gets in our way,
Someone don't feel so well. *

Many people expect gangs to use violence and to be trouble-makers. They feel
threatened by them even if they do them no harm. Why?




* "JET SONG" m. Leonard Bernstein w. Stephen Sondheim
Copyright © 1957 (renewed) Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim
Reproduced by permission of Campbell Connelly & Co Ltd
8/9 Frith Street, London W1V 5TZ. All rights reserved.


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