Module 2: FRIENDS

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topic six – within groups (continued)

to the teacher

This topic is about the need many young people feel to belong to a gang/group and to explore the possibility of this being constructive rather than destructive in their attitudes and activities. They need excitement and to do daring things; to feel they are 'walking tall'; to be proud of who they are and that they belong somewhere.

You will also find resource sheet 2 (page 23) of R1 Module 2 Endangered species helpful towards the end of the lesson.

topic development

This topic is based on resource sheet 3 on page 23 You're never alone.

Give out worksheet 5 (page 21) Walk Tall. Ask the class to answer questions 1-3b on their own.

Go through the questions finding out what they thought on each question and discussing the different opinions expressed.

Ask the class to get together with their particular friends to discuss the final proposition on the second page of the worksheet. This asks how they would set about organising themselves into the kind of gang which stops people from getting hurt or being treated unjustly so that the areas they live in become safer and better for everyone. Encourage them to think what they are for rather than against? How are they going to win others over to achieve their goal?

On resource sheet 3 (page 24) are recent quotations from members of the Black Teens for Advancement, whose story is given on resource sheet 2 (page 23) of R1 Module 2 Endangered species.



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