Module 2: FRIENDS

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alternative topic five: drama activity – within groups (continued)

to the teacher

Peer pressure is something which everyone has to face at some time in their lives. These acting exercises involve situations where one person is having to stand out and be different from his/her group.

topic development

Divide the class into four groups. Give a different scenario (below) to each one. In each case:
X is someone who thinks differently from the crowd and makes his/her views known.
Y is the victim.

In a hall
Let each group find a space in which to act out their scene with different people taking turns to be X and Y. When you think they have had enough time to try it several ways, call them together for a class discussion on the questions overleaf.

In a classroom
Having decided who is going to be X and Y, let the groups have enough time to decide what is going to happen in their scene.

Ask each group in turn to act their scene in front of the class, followed by a general discussion considering:
• What it takes to admit to having different ideas from the group you are in and why.
• The effectiveness of the methods used to persuade the group to take a new course of action with Y.
• Why groups often gang up against one other person. Is this a sign of weakness or strength?

At the end of the lesson or in a following lesson it would be worthwhile to have discussions in small groups, relating this work to actual situations in which they are involved and to see if there is any constructive action they should take.

Acting scenarios
X is part of a group of friends doing something together. Y comes along and asks to join in. They don't like Y so show that they do not want her/him. X thinks Y should be included. What does X do?
• A group of friends are together and the focus of the conversation is Y who seems to be really popular. Y eventually leaves and they immediately start talking behind Y's back. X thinks this is two-faced and wrong. What does he/she say or do?
• A group of friends start picking on and bullying Y. X thinks this is unfair. What does she/he do?
Y's family are going through very hard times financially. A group of Y's friends are talking about the new things they have bought recently or are planning to buy. X realises that is not joining in and feels bad about it. What does he/she say or do about it?


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