Module 2: FRIENDS

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The following are conclusions reached by a doctor in consultation with people of different professions who work closely with young people:

The freedom of being spontaneous and trusting our reactions is purity.

The quality that enables us to enjoy each other's company without arousing jealousy is purity.

The strength that allows young men and women to mix freely and enjoy relationships, while still maturing and not yet ready to commit themselves to lifelong responsibilities, is purity.

Purity enables us to respect and value ourselves, and so to respect and value others.

Purity makes security and love possible.

Purity is the privilege beyond measure of having a person choose to spend his or
her whole life with you, not sleeping around but having sex only with you.

For example the following from Focus in The Independent 25th July 1991

Saadi, a Muslim girl who got married when she was 25 says, “When Asif and I got married, we'd never been with anyone else, full stop. We both started off marriage very inexperienced and we didn't know what was going to happen. We were a blank surface, just one another, and I think that's one of the greatest things about it. There's a lot more charm attached when you know that this is the only man for me and this is the only man I'll ever have.”

This kind of purity can:
• prevent shattered and disposable relationships.
• prevent unwanted children, unloved elderly folk, sick and handicapped people being considered an inconvenience.
• prevent sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS

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