Module 2: FRIENDS

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concept of purity

We often read on products we buy, '100% cotton', 'pure fruit juice', etc. Ask the class what is meant by '100%' and 'pure' in such cases?

What things pollute the air and water so that they are no longer pure?

What is meant by being pure of heart and mind?

The Upanishads (Hindu scriptures) say: 'Let one therefore keep his mind pure, for what a man thinks he becomes.' (women too?)

Do they think this is true? Why?

What are the dangerous and poisonous things which can spoil loving relationships? (Promiscuous sex? Jealousy?)

Give them resource sheet 1 (page 11) 100% pure – no additives. Divide them into small groups to discuss each of these statements and to decide what they mean.

After this time of discussion draw the class together to share what they have discovered.

Ask if these discussions have changed their minds in any way and if so how.

This is not an easy option. Below are a few sources of enabling strength that could be considered during this discussion:

• learning not to give in to all desires
• having like-minded friends
• being honest about mistakes and failures
• being prepared to start again
• keeping minds and hearts open to the experience and belief of many that there is a loving power beyond us whose strength is available to all.

Home project

Ask them to read the poem on the worksheet and then to answer the questions on it which will lead them to write something of their own on the subject.


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