Module 2: FRIENDS

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topic three – one to one (continued)

to the teacher

Young people today often have a distorted view of love. For many it is simply equated with sex. There is more take than give, leading to the exploitation of others for their own satisfaction, though they may not recognise it as such.

Frequent concern is expressed about the pollution of our atmosphere and our water. The idea of purity in personal relationships is seldom, if ever, discussed as either a possible or desirable means of reducing the risk of life-endangering disease, mental instability or simply

This topic is therefore putting forward for consideration the proposal that the application of purity in relationships has much in its favour. One dictionary describes purity as 'freedom from physical or moral pollution'. Many people have discovered that it not only prevents harm but also frees from self-absorption and helps in the creation of deeper and more lasting relationships.

Sex in itself is not impure. However, long-term relationships built between people who have not been sexually promiscuous and are faithful to each other have a strength which can hold them together when things get tough.

On resource sheet 1 (page 11) 100% pure – no additives are some statements drawn up by a doctor in consultation with people of different professions and faiths who work closely with young people.

topic development

Give the pupils worksheet 3 (page 9) All I want is love.
Ask them to answer questions 1 -4.

When these are complete hold an open class discussion, starting with their answers on the worksheet.

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