Module 2: FRIENDS

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topic two – one to one (continued)

to the teacher

Sometimes friendships break up. This topic looks into the reasons why this happens and how friendships can be mended. Forgiveness is a very important element in this. However, there is also the need, at times, for friendships to change, as young people discover who they are and what interests them. This change of friendships is healthy, but it is sad if anger and bitterness are caused by it. If you are doing this topic in an R.E. lesson you could talk about drawing on God's wisdom for solutions and scriptural examples of friendships.

Before the lesson, you will need to make enough copies of page 6 for the number of groups into which you will divide the class, as well as worksheet 1 (page 5) Fragile - handle with care for everyone.

topic development

Divide the class into groups of about five people. Ask them to discuss and then answer question 1 on worksheet 1 (page 5) Fragile - handle with care using their own experience.

When the groups have obviously finished this, give each a copy of worksheet 2 (page 6). Ask them to talk over each suggestion and decide from their own experience whether it would work and why. They can add their own ideas.

They should then answer question 2.

When there has been enough time, bring the class together and let each group read out their lists. See what agreement there is on the way to mend friendships and discuss the importance of forgiveness.

Then discuss as a class whether it is a good idea to change friends and why they do. How can this happen without bad feeling?

Finally, possibly to be done at home, they should consider question 3 on the worksheet.


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