Module 2: FRIENDS

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topic one – one to one

to the teacher

This topic examines what we value in our friendships, the qualities which create them and help them to last. Each member of a group of friends has something special to contribute. It is through our relationships with other people that we achieve our full human stature. In this topic the building of friendship is likened to the building of a house.

You will need to give each member of the class an A4 sized sheet of paper for The House of Friendship activity as well as a smaller piece for the fun quiz.

topic development

Ask the class:

What do we mean by friendship? Do we need friends?
What happens to people who have no friends? Has anyone had that experience?

Help them through these questions and others, to explore the different kinds of friendships they have experienced or would like to experience.

Quick fun quiz

Give the pupils the small piece of paper on which to write the numbers 1 - 5. Stress that what you want is their immediate honest response and not necessarily the ‘right’ answer. Read out each statement and the choices. Give them time to write down the letter which most closely represents what they would do in the circumstances described. You may need to read each statement and choice a couple of times. Do not give them time to consider in any depth.

1. I like people when

a they are fun to be with
b they always agree with me
c they include me as one of their group

2 I choose as friends people

a with whom I can get my own way
b with whom I can be myself
c whose good opinion I want


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