Module 1: FAMILY

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alternative topic five: drama activity – peacemaking (continued)

to the teacher

Although the family is the smallest unit in society, what is learnt there has much wider implications. This topic takes the common experience of the family quarrel as a starting point to explore the art of peacemaking. Similarities can be found between that and what goes on between nations. Many of the things learnt at home, both good and bad, can help in the preparation for adult life and wider responsibilities.

topic development

Prepare pieces of paper –
3 or more marked X
1 marked NEIGHBOUR

Place in a box.

Divide the class into groups of 5 or more and give them a few minutes to decide who they are in the family and what they are going to quarrel about or give them one of the following suggestions:

• someone came in too late the night before.
• someone has told a lie.
• someone has taken a piece of clothing belonging to someone else and worn it for a date.
• the children's rooms need a good clean out and they are not co-operating.

Let each member of one group take a prepared paper, look at it and then return it to you. Do this for each group. The neighbours should identify themselves, but do not take part in the first scene. The others should not indicate what was on their papers so that the peacemaker is not revealed.

They should now act out the quarrel scene in turn with the person who has picked the peacemaker paper in each group eventually trying to stop it.

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