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topic five – peacemaking

to the teacher

Peacemaking is an art much needed in the world today. Although the family is the smallest unit in society what is learnt there could have much wider implications. The quotes on worksheet 5 are answers from teenagers who were asked what family arguments were usually about.

topic development

Give each pupil worksheet 5 (pages 24-25) Why argue?

Divide the class into small groups to read what Andrew said about family arguments and the question with it. Give them time to discuss this between themselves. When you think they have had sufficient time, ask them to write their answers individually on the worksheet.

Continue in the same way with the next quotes from Anne and John with the questions that follow and lastly with Cornelius' opinion.

When they have completed these answers, ask what advice they would give to someone who is trying to be a peacemaker either between two enemy countries or warring factions within a country? They could get examples of such people from the newspapers and write their ideas in the form of a letter.

Help the class to draw from their own experience and from their answers to the questions on the worksheet.


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