Module 1: FAMILY

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topic four – promises and trust

to the teacher

When promises are made, the element of commitment comes in. It can often be easier to break promises than keep to the commitment. This topic highlights our dependence on others keeping their promises and the need for individuals to honour theirs in order to create and maintain trust. This can be particularly important in family relationships.

topic development

Ask the class if they realise how much their everyday lives depend on other people keeping their word to them.

Give them these examples.

• We go into a shop to buy a bag of crisps of a certain flavour. We cannot tell from the outside of the packet what flavour they are. We rely on what is written on it.

• When we put a stamp on a letter, we expect it to be delivered to the right address in a reasonable period of time.

Ask them for other similar situations.

Give them worksheet 4 (page 19) Promises, promises, promises and ask them to answer questions 1-3.

Give them the resource sheet 5 page 21 Marriage promises. These are the promises made by couples in the marriage ceremonies of different religions. They may not go along with them but it is a fact that a very large number of people across the world still make these commitments to each other and keep them.

When they have read these, ask them to fill in the rest of the worksheet.


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