Module 1: FAMILY

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alternative topic three – drama activity: communication

to the teacher

In this topic the pupils should be encouraged to look at the need for good communication in the family. So often people start to make an effort to communicate only when some issue comes to a head, feelings are high and it is almost too late. The situations in this topic are ones which could cause considerable trouble if not properly talked through with all concerned.

topic development

Ask the class what makes for good communication between friends; parents and children; brothers and sisters.

Write these on the board.

When is it easiest to communicate? Why?
When is it most difficult? Why?

Let them write a short description of the sort of person they find it easiest to talk to.

drama activity

Much can be communicated in silence. Ask two people to act out the following scene.

To members of a family arrive home having had a flaming row that morning. They are refusing to talk to each other as they are still angry and unforgiving. Something starts them talking to each other again.
Show how this happens.

Ask the class what was communicated in that silence?
How convincing was the ending?

If there are others who would like to try out another way to end the scene, let them also act it out and then discuss the alternatives.

Can they think of experiences in their families where silences have been full of meaning? Moods? What happens? What have they learnt from the above scene which could help the next time it happens in their family?

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