Module 1: FAMILY

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From a Swedish journalist:

One day my husband and I had had a row. My daughter came to me in the kitchen and said, 'Mum, can't you forgive Daddy?'

To my shame I had to admit that this time it was just one time too many. 'I am bitter and I can't.'

She leaned over the kitchen table and said very steadily and intently, 'But Mum, you just say, "Forgive me." That's all. It's so simple. Just one word. Forgive. Well, I know it is difficult at first, but then when you have said it, it is very simple and wonderful.'

I sat there, my heart stone dead.

She asked, 'Couldn't you make some coffee?' We often drink what we call 'reconciliation coffee'. Slowly I went to the stove, stiff and sour. She heard her father coming downstairs and she looked at me, standing full of tension in the middle of the kitchen. He stopped in the doorway, looking hesitatingly at me. I said slowly (it was really difficult), 'Do you want some coffee?' This meant, 'Forgive me.'

He rushed to the stove, embraced me happily and said, 'Yes, thank you!' and there was our little girl jumping up and down shouting, 'I did it, I did it! I said to Mum to do it.' And she took a ginger biscuit, broke it in three pieces and we silently ate a piece each, knowing all was well - thanks to her.

From Listen to the Children by Annejet Campbell


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