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topic three: communication

to the teacher

In this topic the pupils should be encouraged to look at the need for good communication in the family. So often people start to make an effort to communicate when it is almost too late; for instance, when some issue comes to a head and feelings are high. The situations in this topic are ones which could cause considerable trouble if not properly talked through with all concerned.

topic development

Divide the class into 5 groups to discuss the following situations. Give each group a different one. (They are reprinted on resource sheet 4, page 15, for copying.) They should be considered from all points of view, not just their own as teenagers.

1. A teenager wants to be a trend-setter, having an unusual kind of party where the fun does not depend on a lot of booze. It has been decided to talk about it as a family. What do they come up with?
2. A family has been to the same place for summer holidays ever since the children were young. They are now teenagers and want to do something different. What compromise can they reach so that all can have an enjoyable time?
3. The main bread-winner in the family has been made redundant. What can all the others do to support that person and help to keep things going through the difficult time ahead?
4. One of the grandparents who live nearby has died leaving the other alone and needing regular help for which he/she cannot afford to pay. The family has room to have him/her living with them but the grand-parent wants to remain as independent as possible. Obviously adjustments will have to be made whatever happens. What would be a good solution to this?
5. The parents have found that they hardly ever have a really good talk together as a family. They blame the T.V. and are considering throwing it out. Is this the best course of action or is there some other way? If so what is it?

While the discussions are going on, listen in on each group, taking note where there is good communication and the places where it is being dominated by one person etc.

After about ten minutes, ask each group to read out their situation and tell the class the conclusions they have come to or the difficulties they had. Others in the class may well be able to give helpful suggestions before going on to the next.

Ask the groups whether they were satisfied with the level of communication they were able to achieve and how this could have been improved. Here you can say what you noticed as you went round.

In discussing these issues what difficulties had to be overcome by the family in order to find solutions?

Give each pupil worksheet 3 (page 12) Talk to me and ask them to answer the questions on the first side of it. Now give each of them resource sheet 3 (page 14) Listen to the children to read. They can then answer the questions on the second side of the worksheet.

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