Module 1: FAMILY

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topic one: needs of the young

to the teacher

The aim of this topic is to identify the needs of the young and to see the part parents play in meeting these needs. It has been proved that very young children need plenty of contact with their parents if successful bonding is to take place.

topic development

Give the class worksheet 1 (page 2) Earliest experiences. Ask them to fill in the first page.

Discuss the ideas they have added at the end of the sheet and draw out their personal experiences with pets or knowledge they have gained from watching nature programmes on T.V.

Now ask them to complete the second page of the worksheet.

It would be helpful to look at their accounts of their earliest memories to see if there are some needs identified in them which have not been thought of before. A final paragraph should then be written on a separate paper starting with:-

to be a good parent I will have to ...


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