Module 3: WHAT FOR?

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Topic five: goals and aims

to the teacher

This topic will take more than one lesson. It looks at the problems in the world and, in the light of these, the need for the pupils to think out how they are going to use their lives. This will involve their goals and purpose in life and their careers.

The problems in the world are so vast that we often think there is nothing that can be done, but the adventure for the next generation may be to identify and deal with the human element in difficult situations. So often peoples' attitudes are the stumbling blocks in finding solutions. There is, more often than not, some link between how individuals find answers and the way nations could.

Self-esteem is needed for any aim in life to be found. When I feel I matter - to God, to my family, to my community, to the nation and to the world - it follows that they matter to me.

Pupils can begin to think about what careers they are going to pursue and how they are going to use their lives. People take up a career for many reasons: for a higher standard of living; because they enjoy that work; because it gives them power and status; or because they want to help other people. It is a very individual choice. However the question that may need to be asked is not, "What should I do in the future?" but "What needs to be done?"

There are many people whose faith leads them to believe that each individual has a part in God's plan for the world - a part which is specific for each individual and which no one else can fulfil. Students in school who start to search for and decide on clear goals and an overall purpose will not only find greater fulfilment in life, but will have a real stake in the future and in the way the world goes. It is important that decisions are made because, however small they may be, "Big doors swing on small hinges."

Drama activity 2 (page 13) could be used as an introduction to this topic.


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