Module 3: WHAT FOR?

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Topic three: individual purpose (continued)

to the teacher

In order to want to be responsible and to find a purpose there needs to be a good reason. Those people who have made a mark on history, like Martin Luther King, have had a dream, a concept, a vision of the sort of world they wanted to build. This topic takes his 'I have a dream' speech and challenges the young people to think through what kind of world they want to use their lives to create.

topic development

Divide the class into small groups giving each pupil a copy of resource sheet 4 (page 18) I have a dream and worksheet 3 (page 16) dreams. Give them time to read and discuss the speech and to answer questions 1-4.

There are references on the resource sheet which may need some explanation:

Martin Luther King - was a black American Baptist minister. He became a leader of the Civil Rights movement and led millions of people in a non-violent movement that broke the system of segregation in the Southern states of America.

There are references in the speech to:

a) The American Constitution - "We hold these truths to be self-evident...."

b) The Bible - "every valley shall be exalted..."

c) American national anthem - "My country 'tis of thee..."

d) Various of the states of America - Georgia, Mississippi etc.

After the group discussions pupils should read Dare to Dream on resource sheet 5 (page 19) and then write his/her answers to questions 5–7.

Having expressed in writing their 'dreams' of the sort of world they would like to see and the sort of people they think it will take, have a final class discussion. Find out if the individual 'dreams' have any common themes? What ways are there of turning them into reality?

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