Module 3: WHAT FOR?

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topic two: individual purpose (continued)

to the teacher

Human beings need motivation if they are to achieve anything. Throughout history there have been individuals whose lives have been driven by forces such as hate,
greed, fear, lust for power, personal ambition. There have also been those who have chosen to be motivated by the equally powerful forces of disinterested love and compassion. This topic identifies and examines these motivating forces and their consequences.

Drama activity page 13 part 1: Motivation can be used as an introduction to this topic.

topic development

Give out worksheet 2 (pages 9/10) The driving force and ask pupils to complete the tasks set there.

Discuss with them what they have discovered about what motivates them.

Can the class think of people they have heard about who have love as their motivation? e.g.
• people helping to feed and give medical help to those who are starving
• a person who has decided to forgive someone they have every reason to hate.
• parents looking after a seriously disabled child

Read resource sheet 2 (page 11) For the love of her baby.

• What would have happened if Mithu had remained angry and blamed others for her situation?
• What was Mithu’s motivation?
• What do you think were her greatest achievements?

Can they think of people in history who have had hate, revenge or lust for power as their motivation?

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