Module 2: WHO CARES?

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Divide the class into four and give each group one of the following to discuss. After a few minutes let them share their conclusions with the rest of the class.

These questions are also printed on worksheet 4 so that they can be duplicated and given to the groups in writing if you wish.

• What connection is there between the way people treat each other and how much they care about their surroundings?

• Why do people put graffiti on walls and vandalise other peoples' property?

• If you could choose any area in which to live what would it be like? Include the kind of people you would like to have as neighbours.

• How can caring people improve the quality of the environment for everyone? Do you think a pleasant environment encourages people to behave more responsibly? Why?

Discuss with the class what they can do to improve their surroundings and become better neighbours and when they will start. (A combined effort can often be successful when individual attempts fail.)

Another activity could be to combine with the English and Art departments in taking the class out to use their eyes and ears and then record what they have experienced in pictures or writing. This will reveal what they appreciate and what they dislike about their neighbourhood and help to motivate them to bring about the changes they would like to see.


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