Module 2: WHO CARES?

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Follow this discussion with:

exercise 1

Materials needed: several blindfolds.

Working in pairs, blindfold one person. Now the sighted person should help the other to find his/her way around the room. If space is limited one or two pairs can do this while the rest of the class watch carefully.

When exercise is complete discuss:

those who were blindfolded
• How did you feel while you were doing this?
• What could have been done or said which would have made things easier for you?

those who were helping
• How did you try to help?
• Did it work? Why?

those who were watching
• What did you feel watching those who were blindfolded?
• Did you laugh? Why?

exercise 2

Materials needed: safety pins, sticky tape.

Pin dominant arm to side or tape together two or three fingers of each hand.

When all are disabled in some way, you should ask them to do some normal task like getting out a book or drawing a margin. As they carry out this task be very strict and impatient at their slowness etc. Discuss afterwards how they felt. Angry? Frustrated? Why? What has this taught them about feeling at a disadvantage, and about what others' impatience, intolerance and lack of understanding can do?

Topic four develops this topic further.

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