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illustrations of right and wrong from world religions

Do not steal. (Ancient Jewish - Exodus 20, v15)

Choose loss rather than shameful gains. (Greek-Chilon)

Let him not steal nor tell a lie. (Buddhist)

Those in whom there is no deceit, untruth or bad faith, who live in steadiness, purity and truth, theirs are the radiant regions of the sun. (Hindu - Upanishads)

Then throw off falsehood, speak the truth to each other, for all are parts of one body. The thief must give up stealing and instead work hard and honestly with his own hands that he may have something to share with the needy. (Christian - St. Paul)

Do not commit adultery. (Ancient Jewish - Exodus 20 v14)

I saw in Nastrond (hell)... beguilers of others' wives. (Old Norse)

Let one therefore keep the mind pure, for what a man thinks he becomes. (Hindu -

The thoughts of an impure heart are topsy-turvy for it sees reality upside down.
(Buddhist scriptures)

A weak person goes where he is smiled at. (African - Heroro)

Sin neither openly nor in secret. (Muslim - Koran)

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