Module 1: WHO SAYS

(Page 17) Worksheet 4

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choose one of the following

• Look out a board game. Read and write down 10 rules. Are they all important if the qame is to work? Why?

• From the Highway Code list some important rules for cyclists. What would happen if these were disobeyed?

• Find and read the Ten Commandments in the Bible. (Exodus Chapter 20) Either write them in your own words or find a modern translation. Which ones still appear in our laws today or in what we believe is the right way to treat people?

• Discuss with your parents the rules they had as children and compare them with the rules you have at home now. Write the two lists down.

• In newspapers look for the laws that are being discussed in parliament or are mentioned in articles about people who have broken laws. Cut the articles out and stick them on a sheet of paper, writing beside them which laws they are.

• On the way home look out for any laws/rules you see indicated in public places and make a note of where they are. When you reach home, draw them and explain what they mean and why they were there.

answer the following questions

a) What are the differences between rules and laws?

b) What have you learnt about how rules and laws are used?

c) Why are rules and laws necessary?

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