Module 1: WHO SAYS

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topic four: drama activity – rules and laws

to the teacher

The aim of these class drama exercises is to explore the application of written and unwritten rules/laws.

Elements that should be drawn out of these exercises are their application to:-
• personal behaviour
• group activity
• society

Each pupil should be encouraged to examine his/her own opinions in the light of this experience and to express conclusions either verbally or in writing.

topic development

The following scenes can be done by the whole or half the class without much preparation on their part.

• Form a queue with one person/a group coming in and trying to get ahead of others. Do this in two ways:

a) The queue jumper is being thoroughly selfish.
b) The queue jumper is in a hurry because of some urgent situation involving someone else's welfare.


What difference was there in the attitude of the people in the queue? What difference was there in the way the queue jumper/s approached those in the queue?

• A group of friends drive into a car park where, after some discussion, they decide not to buy a ticket. (The decision is not unanimous.) On their return they discover they have collected a fine. What should those who thought the original decision was wrong do now?


What would happen if everyone tried to cheat official authorities? What should those who thought a fee should be paid do if no ticket were found on the car?


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