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topic three – rules and laws

to the teacher

The aim of this topic is to help pupils understand the need for rules and laws and the importance of reaching a consensus.

For the purposes of this project the definitions sought are:

a rule - a regulation that is made for the good of that community.

a law - passed by Parliament which, if disregarded, may result in court action, fines or imprisonment.

Example: If you ride a bicycle up the school drive, when it is not allowed, you might get a detention. If you drive a car up on a one-way street, you could be caught by the police and taken to court.

topic development

a) Introduce worksheet 3 (pages 13/14)

In a democracy laws are drawn up and discussed by members of Parliament. This exercise will help you to think about which laws you think are important.

The pupils should answer question 1 on their own.

b) Divide the class into groups to answer questions 2,3,4,5 and 6.

c) Bring the class together in order to agree the final 10 laws which will preferably be those on the lists of more than half the groups. These should be written on the worksheet.

OR A mock Parliament could be held to pass one or more of these laws. To do this will take some research and preparation on behalf of the pupils.

N.B. It is essential to emphasise that the laws chosen do not in any way invalidate those which do not eventually feature.


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