Module 1: WHO SAYS

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topic one: types of authority

to the teacher

The aim of this topic is to help pupils understand the things which influence their lives. They may not recognise some of these. They may be ashamed of some. Do they go along with the crowd? What are the things they are willing to make a stand on? What are they out for?

topic development

Use worksheet 1 page 2 - How do you choose? - As this includes designing a personal T shirt, it could be a cross-curricular venture between yourself and the C.D.T. or Art Department.

or Provide large sheets of paper on which each pupil can lie to have his/her outline drawn by a friend. These outlines should then be filled in with pictures or words which mean something to them personally.

Use the results of this work to draw out in discussion the influences on their lives:

• What they see on T.V.
• Influence of pop stars or sporting heroes/heroines
• The dictates of fashion
• Peer-pressures. Are they willing to act, dress or think differently from their friends?
• What they hear/see at home or in school

Help the class to see how much these things affect their lives, some for good and others less helpfully. They can then be aware that they have a choice.

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